Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 1 Treatments

Yesterday Carl got the tattoos they do to ensure he is positioned on the bed same time every time. 

Rescan to again make sure they match up with the findings from before

Today 8:30 a.m. rescan yet again not sure why- will find out tomorrow

BUT today they carried thru with first treatment

We were told it would be a few treatments before he saw any side effects...

yeah that is not what I am seeing tonight

Tonight I don't know if it was levels of undue stress that definitely wasn't necessary from a bunch 

that thought it would be better to poke their nose and spread lies 


If he is having cramping due to side effect of treatment

So day one radiation, ate nothing new, didn't eat from the long forbidden list, 

slept, woke to cramping, took walk to try and alleviate pain 

now we wait and see where this goes

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