Friday, September 3, 2010

Seriously September??

My oh my!  Where does the time go????  Well no clue since I didn't even post once in August.  I realize my record for posting has been slacking since the cancer I mean really what kind of stuff could I possibly have on my plate it isn't like it isn't running over or anything right?

These signs cracked me up when we were on a drive

Well lets see honestly I don't feel we did a lot in August other than I worked booths to try and promote business to make money.  Its so over rated really but everyone seems to need it but me considering I have none lol.  Looks like for next month maybe just maybe I have a couple shoots off of contacts from the booth and as I sit here at a local cafe I may have gotten another shoot for someones artwork for their website and to submit for their art shows and the like.  So yeah guess my .99 cent tea is money well spent.  So maybe things are looking up in that dept.  I spent part of my morning today going to local high schools in hopes of finding a few seniors that have not yet gotten their senior portraits done just yet so here is to hoping there.

Carl is doing well and really has been of much help as he started school with the kids and has pretty much taken over the education dept so I wasn't stretching myself out in that dept as well and can focus on business advertisement.  Shh I think he is actually enjoying it;)

We had a nice drive last month to Red Lodge MT beautiful.  Education for the kids as well as we stopped and learned about an old mining site along the way.  Took a hike around a lake very gorgeous walk.  Next week we are off to Cody Wyoming and then off back to Bozeman for a week for appts and meetings and then most likely back to the Billings area as I have shoots coming up and Carl will probably be beginning radiation soon.  We will know more about that early next week.

Oh and the puppies I last posted we were keeping ended up not happening lol.  We had offers and with financial situations we let them go.  We do have Rusty whom at one point did have a home but timing for us to move and theirs didn't meet up and has had a few other lookers some of which we turned away...esp one from WY that wanted him for bear bait can't believe he actually told us that is why he wanted him!!!  Yeah not my puppy buddy and here is the funny part of this whole thing...Rusty is the one when he was younger Carl would ask who the heck is that howling, whiney sob it was one of 2 pups and Rusty was one and he would say find that thing a home ASAP lol.

We call him this because  where he appears black once you get him in the right light he has a deep red to his color.  Its absolutely gorgeous. If you watch John Wayne movies can't think of which one but he has the same coloring as "Dog" in the movie.  He really looks up to Carl and where I know Carl doesn't want male dogs he much prefers the females sometimes the pet chooses you not the other way around.  He has learned to sit, is doing very well on leash walks, learning to shake and loves to chase his mama all over.  She does so well with him I love watching her teach and play with him.  Zander is a lot of talk-growl- with him but guess that is what he learned from humans you "growl" at your children lol.

Now I put in this request with Paige only I wanted HER with BLUE eyes 
so she got part of the order right lol

O lets see what else can I bore ya with?? Well nothing I can think of right now.  

I mean Inger is enjoying "tormenting" her aunt from New Jersey with zombies and found it hilarious after all the torturing that there really is a guy in Missoula MT that makes zombie tools or something it was actually on a PBS moment I think it was this past week lol. She is now a 7th grader.. Benjamin is well a boy full of bodily noises and smells, hates changing his clothes before he has turned them inside out and backwards, started 4th grade and Kelda well hard to believe she is a sophomore now!!  Already talking about wanting to get a job so she has her "own" money, can't wait to start driving etc etc etc.  typical teenager stuff I suppose.  She is pretty responsible and proud of her and grateful to have had her these past months w/o her I think things would have been a little rougher with the younger ones.  Inger turns 13 on Sunday! Boy did I not plan this well.  TWO major milestones in one year...actually 3.  All 3 kids are in the double digits with their age now since Benjamin turned 10.  Inger turns 13 and Kelda will be 16 in a few short months 2 major transitions in a childs aging!   I think it is harder on me the mom than them.  Inger is finally accepting (some days when it is to her benefit) that she is no longer 10 lol.


Well since on this computer I don't have photos from our Red Lodge trip you will just have to endure a few scenic shots took this past month.  Have a great one until next time.  And remember staying positive NO MATTER WHAT is key to getting thru anything life tosses your way.  

OH YES one last important change in our lives I have renamed my business to Yutsina's Saloli Moments new website is: This is temp until business picks up or finances get better then I will get an actual domain again.

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Ami said...

Bear bait???? OMG!!!
That's just awful. It really, really is.

So yeah, all the kids grow up, get into those double digits, become all independent, move out... where does the time go? I wish I knew.

Glad your hubby is doing well.