Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cancer Update

Well where to begin??  After much more research, conversing with our Naturopath once again we have decided at this time Carl will not be doing Chemo/radiation. There are too many unanswered questions and the one thing we keep coming back to is can we sleep at night KNOWING what stage he is, just how lucky we are and it not being as bad as it could have been...yet putting the body thru such harshness and high potential of his system never able to recover and damaging other things in the process. We are moving however to a new location and starting new.

The one MAJOR thing our family Dr. agreed to is the stress in Carl's life had to go away and the BIGGEST stress in his life was his job.  So we will be sending a mailing address for his W2 at the end of the year.  We found out things we NEVER wanted to know or ever expected.  We are beginning to see that maybe this cancer struck us at a time of he kept saying he was going to put in his notice at this time or that time, but never following thru.  This could have been MUCH worse than it was.  It could have gone thru the colon wall, it could have spread considering it has been growing for approx. 4 yrs...could have done a lot of things, but it didn't.  He feels he wasted 10 yrs of his life at a line of work he hates, lost time with his family and if going herbal route allows him even just 2 years of feeling good w/o cancer, chemo, radiation etc then it would be better than surviving 2 years being as sick as traditional western medicine will provide.

It has come down to quality of life not quantity.  We have seen too many silver linings thru out this whole ordeal we do not feel that chemo/radiation is of necessity and that herbals will help clear up anything that is left and help his body learn what doesn't belong and fight off any unwanted members.  He will continue to do blood works, scans and any other means to stay on top of things and at the first hint something is not right re evaluate and look at other avenues.

In other news kids are great, puppies are growing, one has gone to his new home, a couple more leave early next week.  We chose to keep 2 pups between them they are everything we were breeding for making this a success in our homework.  We are considering breeding this time next year...shall see.  They are just ready to go home next week and all but 3 have homes.

Meet our newest members:

she is a go getter, nothing stops her and she is fast in everything including having learned her name.  Seems like she is going to follow in grandmas footsteps and be hell on sheep and cattle...maybe not so much on horses.

CD (Cow, Cowboy, CowDog)
LOL any of those will work...the name Cow cracks me up considering Pi has been named prior to birth, but Benjamin when he was first born said he looked like a cow and he is a BIG boy figuring he will top out around 65+lbs which is one thing we were striving for.  He seems like he will have great horse sense.  Pi not so much.

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Ami said...

Love the puppies. I really want one. :)

It's good that you can consider everything and make medical decisions based on what you've learned rather than just doing what you're told. Hope all goes well.

I found it funny that my word recognition is 'gramer' which of course makes me want to correct it.