Sunday, February 28, 2010


Been home for a couple days now.  Drove the first day to Helena to see Carl so he could see his investment:0)  He is pleased with the monster.  We did drop by Petsmart and weigh Zander and he is somewhere between 53 and 55lbs.  He wouldn't stand still to get an exact reading.

Inger while visiting Carl was walking around the shop (which echoes bad) and she tripped and fell, landed on the balloon she was carrying and landed right in front of Zander.  Apparently Zander doesn't forgive easily and is now very wary of her:0/   Tonight Zander is sleeping peacefully on my bed.  Will suck to be him when Carl is home as there is only so much room.  Even treats can't entice him to go near Inger:0(

Zander and Paige are getting along very well...she keeps throwing herself at him.  I told her I know he is HOT but seriously she isn't ready  Benjamin piped in with what do ya expect he is a redhead.  Now this is funnier when you know the cute little girl I slated as his future wife back when they were babies just happens to be the cutest little red head that loves tractors herself and lives in Kansas.

OH I did learn the reason for NY's state law of wipers and headlights.  Apparently their rain storms get soooo bad that you really can't see far and so it is for safety reasons.  Our mountain storms must be nothing in comparison.

What else nothing really.  I have been sleeping all day nearly and dispatching at night.  I think I have finally gained my sleep back and now tonight I am wide awake!  I did decide maybe I don't want a Sentra.  Love the car, but the interior scratches easily and fur sticks like no other!  Would be fine I suppose if all that would be traveling in it is Chip.  She isn't a big shedder so far and is nice and petite.  That and receiving a call that someone trashed their new 2010 car hitting an elK not elF like AAA put in their records.  I remember how much safer in my 1987 truck I am:0)

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