Sunday, February 7, 2010


Ok here is the thing.  I kinda like Wordpress but still I think I can do more here on Blogger...either that or I simply just haven't figured everything out yet!  I think I had more traffic here than over there even though I have it post automatically to Twitter and Facebook.  Maybe I am just more comfortable here so the question is to move or not move back.  I got further this time than last time:0) I at least can post my blogs this time over there.  I think I just feel more at home on I just dunno which I will do.

I of course have more important things to do you know like a trip to NY in less than 2 weeks!  Finishing up more of the dogs website, photoshoots, moving the RV soon as Carl was I want to move the rig when we return from NY or wait until the end of April and just go to the lake for the summer....or move it where he is and then go in April to the lake... yeah so much on my mind why in the world am I worried about where my blog is stationed at??

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