Sunday, February 7, 2010

Do I hear the MOVING word again????

AHHHHH yes I do.  Well it doesn't scare me like it use to.  The RV life has definitely simplified life for us!!  Pack up the loose stuff and breakables, bring in the slideout, lift up the stabilizers, make sure tanks are empty and valves closed, awnings are in, antenna is down, unplug, lock doors, hook up and go.  Still a lot to do to prep and of course since it is winter we also have to unskirt again.  This happened about this time last year

So Carls boss invited Carl and I both out to dinner on a Tuesday night after Carl was off his shift.  Ok well how do I dress where are we going and what does he want are the first things that went thru my mind.  Carl laughs and said you know what he wants but the rest I don't know.  So he asks his boss where are we going because my wife has issues of over or under dressing for an occasion.  So I get called and asked where do I want to go (hmmmm someplace good I am sure) and had this town had an Olive Garden it wouldn't be a question that is where we would go, but alas we don't.  And I highly doubt at 7 p.m. we are going to drive 2 1/2 hours to Billings just for Olive Garden.. So Outback Steakhouse is the only other place next to Applebees here I know I like.  Outback it is.  We get there everyone is chatting and telling stories and his boss apparently loves to hear stories of Carls' guiding days.  We ate talked some more it is snowing out roads getting worse.  Finally decided everyone was done time to go.  Guess what nothing mentioned about moving.  Ok maybe it was a thank you- you are doing awesome dinner....

Now during this time while at work Carl had slipped on ice and hurt his hip but kept moving didn't stop so it didn't really affect him to the point of stiffness until stopping for his day off.  So a week goes by nothing was ever brought up, Carl is laid up in pain and me going crazy...thinking how in the heck can I live with this man I love so much when he annoys me and is the worse patient on the face of the earth.  I am told he is a guy it goes with the territory.  I honestly would rather one of my kids get sick or injured.  Finally he has had a week off and as the pain starts easing up somewhat we start talking about the nice, but wondering what the heck dinner was all about.  Thinking there is still something more to the whole thing we went to the shop.  Said point blank what is going on.  We all know something is up so just say it.  Well yes but we don't have to accept it.
They want to move Carl back to Helena, but this time to manage the shop:0)  So could this be the last move for awhile yeah who knows.  Carl is already moved, but I have things here to tie up.  Photo shoots coming up, quick trip to NY to get our new family member, come back and prep to move the rig, more photoshoots.  Seriously considering waiting until the end of April and then moving it to the lake for the summer.  But we may move it in March and again in April/May and then in September again for the wintering place.  I feel like there is so much to do but really it is in spurts and nothing I can do until the time arrives.  So in the meantime the kids and I will rent a hotel one preferably with a slide a couple times a month and break out of the rv life.  I think it will be a nice time.

Oh don't worry the kids and I will still have fun and still have lots of adventures set for this year:0)  We have agility and AKC shows scheduled, I have photoshoots.  One that will take me to Denver (pending) and another that will take me to Kansas sweet not far from my family there so will go visit them while I am in the area, we have country jam in Grand Junction, a photoshoot possibly in Wyoming so we will still be very busy and have lots of fun along the way:0)

This is just one reason I never changed my mailing:0)  UPS Store is my best friend of the moment!!

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