Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Operation Tipsy Tow

and a little sheriff funny that made its way to my inbox.....

The sheriff of Oklahoma County announced a special New Years party especially for those who like to drink and drive. Special party includes:

• Individual attention with lights and sound.
• Designer Handcuffs.
• Your car taken to secure location.
• Ride in muscle car.
• Armed escort to party.
• Special photos and fingerprints.
• Spend the rest of the night with similar party-goers.
• Memories that will last a lifetime.

NOW where this is humorous I want to mention if you are within city limits of Bozeman or Helena MT courtesy of AAA and Elite towing they are doing what is called Operation Tipsy Tows. Meaning they will tow you and your vehicle home for free if you are intoxicated. Please stay safe out there no need to start off the new year in the hospital. Have a safe and wonderful new year. If you are in one of these areas please pass the word on...never know you may save someones life.
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