Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Joy

FINALLY a day off:0)  Don’t get me wrong I am loving the staying steady business wise.  GREAT feeling really.  All the shopping, gifting, wrapping, was done now to open everything that seemed to take hours of back breaking labor to make all pretty only took them seconds to rip apart….
Kids did pretty well.  Kelda’s top favorite was her Sony touch Book Reader.  HUGE plus in her book so now she doesn’t have to listen to mom and dad say everytime she gets a new book she needs to give away some because there isn’t room in the RV for her library.  I love that she LOVES to read definitely makes those early years of school worth the headaches, BUT RV lifestyle does not accommodate for the space books take up so this worked as the perfect gift. She got a new Mickey…was labeled for her next 15 yrs of life.  Her first mickey she got when she was less than a year old and lets just say he has seen better days and is over due for retirement. She also rec’ a sand art and friendship bracelet kits, keychain digital picture holder as did all the kids, all 3 kids also rec’ a new flashlight.
Benjamin’s highlight was getting a .22 Rifle. He is most proud of it so much so he sleeps with it;0)  He got new pjs, a racecar that when it bumps the wall flips over and keeps on going and many more little things.

Ingers favorite…her new home a BOX!  Those were the words out of my lovely smart alec…. oh look thanks mom and dad for my new home…love you sweetie.  It was filled with her request of clothes and a new comforter.  She also made out the gift card dept as all the kids did she had one extra one from SC to Michaels for all her artsy needs and other small misc gifts.

The dogs well they got bored and tired of all the commotion and decided to start hiding under the wrapping paper that hit the ground.  They got a cool gift that will make all 5 of the kids play….it was a gift set of a trick training book, dvd, rope toy so lots of fun to be had I am sure by all.  Paige got a new laser bone toy that should be hours of enjoyment to be had by all.

Carl was home for the morning of Cday, my mom wasn’t able to make it due to a threat of a storm that really kinda petered out.  Woke up to it snowing but then died off:0)  My feelings personally weren’t hurt by any means!  Chip isn’t use to him home so was rather excited yet confused to see him lounging for a few.

Hope you and yours had a very Merry day no matter how you may celebrate.  After craziness of work schedules we decided we were just chilling out.  No huge dinners or anything.  We had a meat platter courtesy of Carls boss for xmas eve.  Traditionally growing up we had Nuways but decided that was an awesome easy and quick meal to make for xmas dinner.  So that is what we did this year.  And then photoshoots started back up with families in town on yesterday… Saturday….

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