Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party Bozeman, MT

Below is our video slideshow of photos. I didn't put music to it yet. We decided the snow falling was Mother Natures confetti or maybe her way of saying she wanted a bailout as well;0) The turnout was AWESOME and proud to have been apart of it. The kids thought it was way cool to go be apart of something major. They had a blast and were happy to be there but got cold so we left about an hour or so into it, but was a huge part of history that they witnessed in person and only lasted as long as they did because they kept reminding themselves many soldiers have gone thru worse and even died for us. Finally soaked thru boots got the better of them and they couldn't endure any more so we walked the several blocks back to our truck and drove back thru to honk our support. I just received this link via email from the Helena group.

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