Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Entering Womanhood

So the conversation goes something like this:

Mom: knock on bathroom door noticing a child has been in there for a good long time and wanted to be sure all was well.

Child: opens door, eyes watery and red as child is crying.

Mom: are you ok? whats wrong?

Child: I'm bleeding

Mom: you mean you cut yourself right (knowing full well not the issue)

Phone rings...are you serious what timing. Hold that thought sweetie I have to take this business call- have been trying all afternoon to get a hold of this person.

Conversation ends....turn back to child whom is deep in thought but realizes I am off the phone.

Child: no you remember those conversations I never wanted to be a part of and insisted I was never going to grow up and become a woman so there was no need for talks.

Mom: ahh yes I know that conversation remember well you saying just give me a book I don't want to talk. I will ask questions as I have them, but I talked anyhow plus gave you a book in the event you truly blocked my voice out and it sounded something like that of the charlie brown teacher.

Child: well this is an evil evil April Fools joke getting in its dibs a day early and I am not finding it very funny.

Mom: no longer able to control the laughter over how her daughter would handle this time of her life or hold back the tears had to laugh and hug her -and then proceeded to tell her she reminded me of when Paige the dog got her first heat hid in her crate all day long. It is nothing to be ashamed of sadly all women go thru it. She later before bed started to come out of her funk a bit though still not happy with the situation and told the dog what a wimp she was.

That's right my baby girl has entered womanhood and not happy about it and this is very much close to the dialogue of how things went. Think of the movie My Girl and Veda you will very much get the picture of my child.

As a mom I cry out of happiness and sadness. No longer really a child, but not really an adult yet...this should be wrong in timing seriously shouldn't she be older? I mean HELLO here THIS IS WRONG 2 major milestones with in a 24 hr period is hell on a mom. Yesterday my baby girl enters womanhood and today my baby baby turns 9! Two different children, two major milestones in life. Just wrong I tell ya isn't easy...parenthood is so not for wimps so I best just get over it!

I want to take her out to chinese and celebrate and she says she doesn't see any celebration in something she finds embarrassing and the item used is discomfortable and is hoping one does get use to them -worried she won't be able to sleep. So many things going thru her head and with her wittiness I am sure this ride will be like no other. In the end she says she will not celebrate but will accept Chinese food:0)


Sassy Pants Freckle Face said...

Ohhh sweet heart, I have a lil somethin, for your lil woman let me know when you are in town

Renee said...

Awww well we will actually be in town tomorrow:0)