Sunday, March 29, 2009

Prep Work

Well it has literally taken all winter, but we downsized our life from a 4br house in CO to the back of our old pickup truck and our 5vr.  The old truck I think we are going to turn into a trailer and part out the rest...shall see.

I think I have my car sold this week.  2 potentials, 1 is waiting for approval for a loan.  WOOHOO my right hand has been itching something awful this weekend and w/o it being paycheck time I am thinking it is going to sell, then I can go finish paying the Ford dealer for my dually crew truck.  With less than 2 weeks before we are to move the rig closer to hubbys work so he can be home more I feel like so much yet to do.  In hindsight the downsizing was nothing.  

Yes there is prep work to do before you move your rig esp since we have been stationary here since Sept~first and foremost can't move the rv until we get the truck paid off and the hitch in the bed of the truck!  To do that I must sell the very nice topper that is coming with it, because it is kinda hard to put a 5th wheel on a truck that has a cap.  Sucks because it is a nice one and even matches the inside of the cab!  All said and done where I have enjoyed the managers here and a couple of the residents a few we cared to talk to in this park have moved on and there is one other couple here that we are friendly with.... I cannot wait to leave this RV park.  Sadly it is what we could find for the winter stay and for what it was worth it worked.  We have things missing and I KNOW w/o a doubt in my mind it is a guy in a camper a couple rvs down, but w/o proof can't do much about it.  I have a police record on him when I caught him looking thru the windows of my truck.  He gives me the creeps and for this reason alone I don't care how much the next park costs as long as it is a nice one!  there is 2 in which we will split our time from the looks like right now both decent ones, friendly staff we know for sure at the one, very helpful and lots of advice the other one has more for the kids to do, but is $300/mo more.  I don't want to go to this one until June to make use of the swimming then I can justify the increased costs a little more easily.  

So we have downsized, removed skirting yesterday, working on reorganizing the basement of the RV to be more efficient.  Today shall see how much if anything gets done...we have some HUGE snowflakes falling out there.  Of course right because I removed the  But cats had made themselves at home and was doing their business under gross is that?  We knew we were smelling something inside, but yet it wasn't really in here and upon moving the skirting we discovered where the smell was coming from only 10times worse so now things can air out and the snow is actually a good thing to help water down that stinch.  

ok then well I have been up today since 3:30 a.m. so I am considering laying down for a few before the kids awaken for the day.  

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