Monday, March 30, 2009

Etiquette or Finishing School

So a friend of mine and I were talking and we agree she should start a finishing school. Maybe this will be her new path in life. I am sure she will have her own blog about it soon. But it really got me to thinking as I was just telling the kids I didn't appreciate some of their behavior as of late you know the see who can blow the smelliest gas out, or make the loudest bodily noises, wearing a dress because you like to only to sit with your legs wide open as if you were in jeans and even then it is not acceptable in this house. Anyhow so this got me to googling and you wouldn't believe the things that pop up just on the first page!!

Everything from learn faux and decorative painting, to Miss Vera's finishing school for boys that want to be girls, Le Femmes finishing school~this is also for transgenders! No wonder our kids grow up w/o any proper upbringing...there is nothing out there anymore.

I want to teach the finer aspects of being a lady and I want my girls to taught in the same fashion. The need for improved manners and etiquette, especially in young children is in great need. I am all about allowing the child grow to whom they are meant to be, but a little respect is necessary not only for themselves, but those around them. So apparently we don't call it finishing school these days but rather Etiquette School as I came across a few more options and it is a dying art if that is what you want to call it. Maybe this is something we need to bring back. I have become lax the past 3 yrs but I can remember a time I never left the house w/o my face on, typically wore a dress ...A nice dress not some skimpy thing, wore heels and nylons. this is who I was and I think I even need to get back to it to set more example for my girls. My son where his bodily functions don't impress me he will open a door for a lady (even my car door), he will wear a tie (his bolo) if we are going out to dinner and always dresses nice if we are going anywhere. This is on his own from watching his father.

So I think it is time to go shopping again for dresses for myself and get back in routine and go from there.

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Sassy Pants Freckle Face said...

really trans at wht 12? wht the hell are you frickin kiddin me what next I prefer to be born with a penis and a Vagina and one breast inbetween, UGH! GAG!!