Sunday, March 22, 2009

How hard is it to clean a SMALL kitchen??

I am asking you how freaking hard is it to wash dishes, clean counters, put things back where you got them from esp when you are in a small kitchen.

I have a wicked headache this morning. Couldn't sleep until midnight last night. Got up showered only to walk into the kitchen and discover the teenager only half assed her job last night. My bad I trusted her and never followed up to be sure.

This is a constant battle she only washed the dishes in the sink and despite the amount of times she has been told the counter tops count she always ignores this area.

Well today mean mom is coming out to play. She is pulling EVERYTHING out of all the cabinets as punishment, rewashing and reorganizing them since she has also decided she is only going to toss things wherever looks good. My only conclusion is she likes being yelled at.

This is on top of me taking her reading Twilight privileges away. I am sick of that is the ONLY thing she is willing to read anymore. I am not kidding when I say she has read all 4 books 5 times over. So I handed her my set of the Janette Oak series -Love Comes Softly and told her until she read the whole series she was not allowed to read the Twilight again. She is half through book one:0) I told her she keeps up her little attitude and she will NOT get the movie.

Carl thinks I was too harsh on her...well yeah I am because she has been turning a deaf ear to me because he is away so much lately for work. Two can and will play that game and there WILL be respect. I already banned her Anime reading due to poor attitude. Really things were going not bad for quiet awhile, but the past couple of weeks I am going to strangle her! I am in no way complaining about the hours Carl is working again at least he has a job still. So many of our friends have been put on lay offs or round robin type shifts, sent to another state for other training so they can continue to work, have or will have to relocate in order to keep their jobs etc. so no I am not complaining and the kids are use to him working a lot so this shouldn't be anything new, but when he works these long endless weeks she pulls this crap and I am over she is going to see a side of me she is not going to like.

I have a monster of a headache that isn't letting up and in no mood for this bs anymore from her. She has always done this if Carl pulls long hours she takes it out on and blames me for it...always has. So she is pulling out everything in every kitchen cabinet, cleaning and putting back in their proper places. including the fridge. Cops an attitude and she will use a toothbrush I am flat over it.

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