Friday, March 20, 2009

3 weeks!

WOOHOO!!! 3 more weeks until we move to our next destination:0) Of course after we set up the rig closer to Carl's work the kids and I leave and head to Tennessee for a couple of weeks:0) I soooo can't wait. Lots of places, friends and family to see not to mention some of it will be new territory for the kids. This trip is due to my grandmother not doing so well.

This is a woman I try and talk to weekly and use to do so well, but in the past year my own life gets crazy and I don't do so well. I feel awful for this. I have never met her and didn't know of her exsistance until 8 yrs ago. I lost my grandfather with the only relationship of phone conversations and love for PBR. In our last conversation he said for me to not to stop my son if he wants to bullride let him it is in his blood and the harder I fight him or try and stop him, the harder he will fight back. All I have to do rather than say no is put him on either he will say nope I don't want to or it will deepen his love and desire. At which point I need to be a loving mother that stands by her son and love him. I LOVE the sport, but never thought I would have a son with the desire.

Anyhow it was a glorious 60 degree day today. I am so proud of myself. I finally got the storage all cleared out and narrowed down to the I won't get rid ofs that now fit in the back of the pickup bed that is about to be made into a trailer. AND believe it or not with a bit of room to spare. We have a spring blizzard coming our way this weekend they say so I felt it was today or possible never happening. I have tried all winter and where I narrowed down a bit, I just couldn't bring myself to really clear out the clutter of that last amount.

Now tomorrows goal is to go thru things that have accumulated inside the RV over the course of the winter somehow! Rearrange things and prep to get the carpet ripped out, new flooring laid and bunkbeds built in. Considering taking out the sofa and putting in 2 recliners...shall see.

Kids did awesome in helping that we actually accomplished a lot today. Kelda is counting down the hours for Twilight. I have had mixed emotions about the series, but w/o having read it I feel like I KNOW the series because she has told me so much about it. She has read the entire series at least 5 times over. This week however I got her to put it aside and read Tom Sawyer. I am grateful that the auther of Twilight was able to raise such appreciation and interest in my daughter to read I am feeling it is time to move on...but how do you get them to do that when the much anticipated release is happening. Inger is being her quick witty self, learning to do beaded jewelry and really enjoying it. She is gearing up to start doing sets and selling them possibly even at the farmers market this year. Benjamin was excited to find his much loved racecars (NASCAR season), and bulls that have been hiding in their rubbermaid all winter. Kinda like Yule all over again for him. He was easy to please much of the evening. We made a little money by turning in some of our books to the Hastings buy back program so we treated ourselves to Tillamook's Rocky Road ice cream.


Kandis said...

Still waiting for your trip to Billings to take pictures!!!!! LOL!!! Hope you have a great time in Tennessee and travel safe!!!

Renee said...

We will just have to get that arranged:-) By the time I return we should be having some great steady beautiful days. I am feeling this trip is necessary before it is too late.