Friday, February 27, 2009

Feb Fun

Benjamin, Inger and Paige sledding Feb 2009

First snow in WEEKS here in MT ~at least for us~ so the kids were just itching to go play. So we packed up the car and drove up the mountain a little ways in hopes of better snow than in the valley. Brought the snow shoes, poles and sleds with us. We found it where we normally take our summer hikes only one problem no place to safely park. So the kids grabbed their sleds and went down the middle of the Dog chasing after them. Kelda felt stupid so got back in the car. the other 2 had a blast.

People think because we fulltime RV we must be cramped and confined in our small space. Where yes space is small forces us to spend more time outdoors which is a great big backyard where ever we decide to go. Get bored no problem lets move a few miles away or what have ya for different scenery.
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