Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tanning Truths

Everytime someone hears I tan I get the speech of how bad it is for me. I thought rather than get frustrated I should educate....everyone is going to have their own opinions no matter what. IF I am going to get skin cancer who is it to say it isn't the chemicals in the lotions, or that it wasn't from years of sun exposure and not using spf lotion and getting a little burnt from that.

As prescribed...yes prescribed by my doctor 11 yrs ago I go to a tanning booth 3-4 days a week in the winter time. Tanning Truth is more details on indoor tanning! I LOVE the bronze summer look I get, but I like how I feel even better.

My husband has noticed a HUGE difference since I got serious about tanning religiously 5 yrs ago. I never really did it before because I was afraid of the stories I heard. BUT whats worse putting drugs into my system for depression or getting UV rays that my body needs to produce Vitamin D combined with Vitamin B complex supplement I get from drinking Rockstar juiced energy drink. I don't like the amount of sugar in these but I have noticed if everyone around is getting sick and I start to feel a bit icky I drink 2 a day and I don't get really sick because I have just boosted my immune system. Seriously when you happen to think about it stop and look at the ingredients in a Rockstar and see the beneficial ingredients. You will see why they are in some effects good for your body. During the winter months there is an increased risk of many types of many types of cancer and heart disease, Vitamin D deficiency is also linked to many common wintertime complaints such as fatigue, depression, body aches and pains. Now which would you prefer....a bit of sunlight or pill popping?? MT has a high percentage of suicides esp in the winter months and my thoughts it is due to lack of sunshine.


John said...

Good stuff.

More helpful info regarding moderate UV exposure and tanning can be found at

Check that out if you wanna read the things that mainstream media ignores.

Renee said...

Thank you John for this very informative site:0) Really adds to everything I pointed out in my blog in greater detail:0)