Thursday, January 1, 2009

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Everything you do on this day has magical implications for the coming year.
So don't
take anything out (even the trash), don't lend money or pay bills.
If you must carry something out, be sure to bring something else in first, preferably a coin concealed outside the previous night:

Take out, then take in
Bad luck will begin
Take in, then take out
Good luck comes about.

Because whatever you do on this day will be repeated throughout the year, I like to make New Year’s Day an ideal day, and do a little of all the things I most want to enjoy in the coming year.


Sassy Pants Freckle Face said...

Awesome thought I am so going to do this although we have 3 bags of trash sitting in our garage so we have to take it out cause my mom is flying in today or I would tell the man to hold off! Blessings to you dear friend! BTW Thanks for the books n' Stuff!

Renee said...

So just be sure to bring something of significance in prior to taking out the garbage. Have a great visit with your mom. The magnetic books were Inger and Benjamin's but going thru stuff they don't use anymore. They got those a few years ago and enjoyed them. so hoping your girls enjoy them as much. glad you got the stuff. I am happy to call you a's to a wonderful and PROSPEROUS new year to us both:0)