Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Things that made me smile on Election Day!

Yes even with the pending thoughts that this time next year the wrong president will have made us a socialist country and we have little to no rights. I had a day filled so far of things that have made me smile and appreciate life.

Amity is an awesome friend and as crazy as she can sometimes be I know she is at least someone that cares! I got to see her bright and early this morning....well not so bright considering we don't really have sunshine today.

My kids out playing

My truck though older is MINE paid in full and our soon to be paid in full RV

Gas prices are DOWN another 10 cents this fine afternoon:0)

Beautiful birds flying overhead

Kelda picked up that McCain supporters was all we saw out in this dreary weather today. Guess it goes to show the true supporters or their candidates!

This was our weather in Bozeman with our pending storm. Thus far it is lots of rain

At the red light as I sit I see this awesome person that has served our country because they WANTED to and it appears they have a very good reason ....that precious baby being held would be enough for me too;0)

AND these beautiful elk began my day! Such view to wake to don't ya think...definitely put a smile on my face as I began my day.

OH YES another thing that brought a smile to my face is we were listening to the radio today and a democrat made the comment that our constitution was outdated and no longer necessary to our lives today. My oldest daughter proudly opens her history book and goes right to where our constitution was first discussed and read it aloud and said how is that outdated? Proud moment for her parents indeed;0)

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