Monday, November 3, 2008


Well you asked for change and looks like we are going to get wise anyhow. Snow is tonight and tomorrows forecast.

Bet you thought this was political Well be safe but do get out and vote as every vote does count.

Poor Kelda she was thinking cool next presidential election she will get to vote. Our studies this past several weeks have been on all our past presidents~what each brought to the big white house, family, pets, policies etc just tons of stuff. I will try to scan in and put as a pdf file some of the stuff we have done.

Anyhow first off a very scary and sad thought I will be the mother of an 18 yr old. Well one problem she won't turn 18 until one month AFTER the next election:-( Yet fact remains by the time the next election comes she will be nearly an official adult. THAT will be sad CHANGE! Where has time gone??? Life has been living us rather than the other way around and I feel like nothing much has been accomplished that we wanted to happen. A lot of the reasons why we have decided to RV and once it is paid off we will be living OUR LIVES not the other way around...another what I hope will be an awesome CHANGE.

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