Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanksgiving: Overcoming Socialism

Ok well last night my thoughts were todays blog was going to be about Joy Behar and her comment about homeschoolers being demented live on the View! She is an idiot is all it comes down to, a comedian and they make their money off of belittling others I suppose because they feel that bad about themselves who knows. She is an ex public school teacher and part of me says so that shouldn't suprise me she feels that way. However I know plenty of teachers in Wyoming that homeschool because they don't feel the public school can offer their child the best education so that would be a false accusation. So she is just an uninformed individual with lots of money she most likely doesn't share. I didn't watch as I rarely watch the View anymore only saw the you tube clips that are floating around. I have better things to watch such as Rachel Ray giving 40 couples from Harris County a wedding after their dream weddings were taken by hurricane IKE. Now she is someone I would much rather start my day off with.

Anyhow I did come across this video and thought it was worth sharing:

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