Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving


The pagans in Rome celebrated their thanksgiving in early October. The holiday was dedicated to the goddess of the harvest, Ceres, and the holiday was called Cerelia. The Catholic church took over the pagan holiday and it became well established in England, where some of the pagan customs and rituals for this day were observed long after the Roman Empire had disappeared. In England the "Harvest Home" has been observed continuously for centuries.

In our own hemisphere, among the Aztecs of Mexico, the harvest took on a grimmer aspect. Each year a young girl, a representation of Xilonen, The goddess of the new corn, was beheaded. The Pawnees also sacrificed a girl. In a more temperate mood, the Cherokees of the American Southeast danced the Green Corn Dance and began the new year at harvest's end.

No wonder Chief Massasoit and his ninety braves felt right at home with the Pilgrim Fathers on that day in 1621!! Obviously, the idea for this "first Thanksgiving" did not just "pop" into the mind of Governor Bradford as most people believe! On the contrary Thanksgiving, in the guise of the pagan harvest festivals, can be traced right back to ancient Babylon and the worship of Semiramis!

Just wanting to wish all my friends, readers or just any passer bys a WONDERFUL and safe Thanksgiving.
For us we are off to some friends house for the big day so it is a traveling day for us.

We have had a busy couple of weeks if you can't tell by my absence. Kelda's ankle is getting better she can at least touch the ground with it now, but no pressure so she is still in a splint. Nice thing is she has been able to pretty much finish up the Twilight series. I think we are missing a 4th book however so will need to get that for her.

Despite her foot she was in the kitchen helping yesterday. I ran did the groceries and as I cleaned out the truck and car she started making the pies. I got done and came in to help her with the salads, making the butter and dip. She absolutely LOVES cooking, baking or what have ya. I know she got it from her grandmothers because I didn't get the gene for the love of cooking. I know how but don't love it.

Well don't eat too much turkey, have lots of fun and be grateful for what you have no matter how you may think it doesn't match up to that of your neighbor. Remember you life is what you make of it and only you can change things you don't like.

For me I know I am grateful I have a wonderful hard working husband, great kids (, that I have the ability to homeschool them for a better education, great friends, and so much more. If you are down on yourself right now look around and see what are you happy to have in your life that makes you grateful as the next person may not have that.

Until next time......

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