Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MSU Science Saturdays

Hands-on science and research for kids 10-15

If you like to dig your hands into science and learn about cool new research and technology, you'll love MSU Science Saturdays!
MSU Science Saturdays are designed for kids aged 10-15 (younger kids are welcome if accompanied by a parent). Participate in hands-on experiments, learn about exciting new projects and meet the scientists and MSU students who are the shaping the future in Montana.
Each month will feature a fun new science topic, so be sure to join us for all MSU Science Saturdays!


Saturday, Nov. 22, 2008: 1pm-3pm


We all know that viruses cause the common cold, but did you know that most viruses don't make people sick? In fact, by studying viruses, scientists can learn how to make people healthy--possibly even cure cancer! And, by studying viruses, we're learning how to build the world's smallest computer.

Presented by Brian Bothner and Trevor Douglas

Register: Pre-registration is not required, but kids who do will receive a free MSU Science Saturdays prize. Call 994-6550 or send your name, age and school to: ExtendedU@montana.edu

Saturday, Dec. 13, 2008: 1pm-3pm


Presented by Yves Idzerda, associate director of the MSU Center for Bio-Inspired Nanomaterials and associate professor of physics.

Watch for more Science Saturdays in 2009!

January 2009

Feburary 2009

March 2009


All events take place in Studio 1080, the Burns Technology Center's interactive multimedia center in the lobby of the EPS Building.

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