Monday, November 17, 2008

The Invensible Teenager

HA NOT!!! This past week we ended up mostly in Bozeman. Well on our next to last day there I had a migraine from .... yeah haven't had one of those in a couple months. The slightest sound, movement, bit of light you name it nearly sent me over the edge. I was nearly throwing up. Fortunately the motel we stayed at was near the shop so the kids could walk there, near McDonalds, Walmart etc so they weren't stuck with me feeling like crap they could go do stuff. Well they had fun did lots of walking and such and that evening Kelda offered to take the little ones and go get dinner from the Walmart Deli....I hate Walmart more lately than ever in the past but yeah whatever help yourself. I give her a list of things extra since she is there I NEEDED Excedrin Migraine, a coke and possibly even Lays PLAIN potatoe chips....I figured the salt would help as it sometimes does when I am low on sodium.

Well on her walk to Walmart there is these set of 3 or 4 steps they go down to get into the Walmart parking lot from the walk path. She decided she could jump it!! That she did and landed wrong but didn't feel too bad so continued on the journey. Benjamin typical was a turd not listening making her chase him etc. It is him she should be over it by now with tricks up her sleeve...but no she chases anyhow out of the frustration of dealing with him got NOTHING on my list of what I felt necessary to help with my day of agony. The chicken was way over cooked not worth eating, she got a family size bag of CHEETOS ugh if all of this wasn't enough.... She walks home, we attempt to eat the awful deli chicken, say forget it and go swimming.

I thought maybe now that it is dark and the lights aren't harsh in the pool area maybe the hot tub would help the pain, the kids could go swimming etc. On the walk down I notice Kelda is limping some but she claimed she is ok just did a stupid thing and landed wrong.

Well the hot tub helped a little, but not entirely. While swimming Kelda noticed her foot was hurting worse so decided to join me in the hot tub, nope no good so we call our pool time good head back to the room by which time I am realizing her foot is so swollen it is a reddish, purple in color and her toes are so swollen they stuck together. GREAT don't tell me you broke your foot girl. We have insurance, but a lot of good that will do us in the emergency room with their outrageous fees. By the time we got back to our room on the 3rd floor she couldn't put pressure on her foot.

She pleaded her case she does this all the time so whats the big deal about this time...well ummm you can't walk you dork. She claims she wasn't a dork just having fun and Benjamin chimes in well if the boot fits....I told him he better move away but he didn't hae to go far because she can't chase him right After getting her leg propped up her foot slowly returned to normal, swelling coming down and turns out she has a bad sprain. PHEW!! No medical bills at this time...can't afford them right now. The boss has crutches from his daughter a couple years older than Kelda so she is borrowing those. She is hating crutches and not able to do anything but ah well such is life. You play, you pay sometimes.

LOL I told her to think of all the extra school work she can get done. She didn't like hearing that of course. HOWEVER we did learn something today. We ended up picking up some Science lifepac books for 9th grade from Alpha Omega this past week only to discover she has already covered most of it on her computer program system she uses. Soooo where I am saying she is 8th grade her knowledge level is more that of 9th grade due to this system. I am quiet pleased and not as concerned. Her goal is to graduate high school by 16 and start online college courses. I believe she can do it if she continues to apply herself.

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