Sunday, October 26, 2008


I want to try and move away this gloomy election. I won't be totally happy no matter which way it goes. So for this entry I wanted to share other rving family blogs I have come across.

I LOVE reading others blogs that happened be against your normal lifestyle....I don't feel as crazy for our lifestyle change. Haha Just Kidding I LOVE our lifestyle even if not fulltime just yet as far as hitting the road due to life circumstances, but we are closer than this time last year in living our dream.

RVing with the family across the country is something I wanted since watching my dearly missed tv show Promised Land that aired in the late 90's with Gerald McRany. I use to be envious of my step brother that lived with our grandmother and in the summer months they loaded up Tassie our grandmothers motorhome and traveled. I got to enjoy on one of those summer adventures and go to Ohio and Tennessee those are the 2 states I remember for sure so I knew for a long time what I wanted. My husband had convinced me not while the kids were so young. After this past year of events and recent years leading up to this one has led us to our current lifestyle. Though not cared for by family we can't worry about them. This is OUR life and this is what we have decided is right for US.

Here are some blogs I have come across feel free to check them out: (happens to be in a nearby town to us currently) (airing on the today show Oct 29th so tune in)

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