Monday, October 27, 2008

Frozen Pipes

Well here I sit at well now nearly 5 a.m. and I suppose it was bound to happen once. Our pipes froze!! We are on a non heated spigot outside and not winterized yet because we are to be transferring to Bozeman MT any day...was suppose to be by Oct 10th and that time got pushed to 2 weeks and now looking like Nov 10th....

Well lets just say if Nov 10th comes and goes and we are still here I am winterizing, skirting the works therefore until snow melts I am going no where.

So not only am I dealing with the issue of no propane getting to the appliances (for which I found out that we may need to bleed the air out of the lines) I also get to deal with thawing out pipes. I have shut the water spigot off and praying no damage is done to the pipes under the RV once they have thawed. I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt I turned water on which means one of the kids got up to get a drink or something and shut the water completely off!

Like I said it was bound to happen once and gratefully we are to be in the 60's today so we should be fine "this time". Hope this doesn't mean we are in for a looooong winter. Arizona is sounding really good this fine early morning.

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