Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just some reflections

If you haven't retired and begun traveling, consider moving into an RV and reducing your expenses while you put extra money in savings. If you are already RVing, you can earn money or reduce expenses by working or volunteering on the road. See suggestions in "RVing and the Financiapocalypse" and "Working on the Road - a Way to Full-time RV."

Carl is 16 years older than me. His age has honestly never phased me, but I do admit as I get older I stop and think he isn't as young as me and worry about the what ifs. We have 3 children I still have to support. When he nearly had a heart attack this year it was definite sign things MUST change. We may live paycheck to paycheck but what if we never get to live out our dream to travel because Goddess forbid something happen to one of us so the other lets the dream go to travel. So yes we are living in our RV while we pay it off as it is the only way we could see getting it paid off faster.

Where our homebase may always remain Montana in all her beauty we want to see other parts of the beautiful USA and share those experiences WITH our children not after they have moved on with lives of their own. We have one more loooooong winter of paycheck to paycheck living, but then we are going to go play and yes we will work along the way, but will no longer be stress over what bills will get paid.

We did away with credit cards and anything that contains us and keeps us in debt. I call it the envelope system OR Charles Ingalls system of cash on the barrell I believe is how it is phrased on Little House on the Prarie.

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