Sunday, October 19, 2008

Breastfeeding and Premium Dog Food

Silly title huh?

Well during a time I have contemplated going to a cheaper dog food for financial reasons a discussion came up on a forum I frequent on breastfeeding and by this time we had to get a small bag of cheap dogfood to get us until payday.

I got to thinking back when I had to use formula with Benjamin as my milk suddenly dried up. The stuff stinks first off no sooner than you open the can, stains everything, poop and belches smell horrendous!

Well cheap dogfood aside from making my dogs puke the poops smell awful too.

So my conclusion this week on both is that they fall into the same category. Cheap dogfood and baby formula fall into the same category and you get the same results the shit stinks. lol.

NOTE I have nothing against bottle feeding your baby with formula. This route is used for a number of reasons and the babies all get to their point they are to be in life no matter how they are fed during infancy. Cheap dogfood does fine for some dogs and if it is what is available for your budget then so be it.

We have since decided sorry it is simply $40 every 2 weeks for dogfood. If we can't do that for our pets we don't deserve the love they give back to us.

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