Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Days like Today

The past couple of days have been chilly and snowy out. Today a bit warmer but very yucky with lots of mud, but still some snow yet. I don't do winters well and hoping next winter we begin snow birding. Shall see what the future holds.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE our RV and lifestyle we have chosen, but when I look at photos like this of our home in Colorado I miss that big ole' fireplace, a place for ALL my photos on display, books and movies on the shelves and that darned ole Prissy girl. Room to have my studio at home so when the weather is yucky like today I can bug the kids and pets and go play with studio stuff with them as perfect models to test out something new.

Well good thing the rest of this week it warms up and I am busier because too many more reflective days like yesterday and today could really get to be a bummer and make me wonder about our decision to fulltime. It is what I have wanted for years, but I won't lie to you I miss SPACE! BUT when we had all that space the kids rooms were never clean unless I cleaned them 75% of the time (when threats made of if I cleaned they may start to miss stuff...that usually got them moving), they spent all their time in the living room and kitchen areas still boggels the mind how their room was trashed. So in all aside from space to spread out we are really living in no more space than before. Inger being goofy imagine that

I forget who said it but it went something like "A house is nothing more than a place to hang everything you think you have to have while you are out buying up more stuff you don't need"

Boy is it so true. I have saved money by actually having to think about its use and placement since we made the lifestyle change. You might be wondering about the kids and "stuff". For Inger she is usually busy with drawing not a lot of space is needed there...yet anyhow. I at first told the kids no to most things, but now I say sure if the budget allows but they needed to think about what they were willing to give up to make room. We do this every year anyhow for the holidays and give to the less fortunate. We call it the Santa Swap. Every year we go thru our stuff, bag it up and leave it for Santa. Then patiently (haha) wait to see what Santa would bring.
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