Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Way back as Kelda was of age to start school Carl was very against homeschooling but finally said I had one year to prove to me it is worth while. He was very strict on schedules being made, curriculum used etc. He was impressed by the end of Kindergarten that he was ok with another year, and another, but then half way thru 2nd grade my father passed away. This really took its toll on me but Kelda continued with her studies without me. I felt like I was failing her and with Inger to begin the following school year as Kelda was going into 3rd I decided maybe public school would be best. I wasn't totally impressed but still in my own world to much to argue with the school.

We moved to Colorado during spring break this year. We finished out the school year homeschooling. We looked into the public school and was impressed with the system so we decided to give it a go. The kids were very happy homework only M-Th and even then only 30mins/night, never on weekends except maybe twice a year. The girls always came home with one reward or another, made lots of friends, teachers were awesome staying in touch either via email or always a pleasant conversation when I would pick up the kids.

I went back to work and ended up transferred to Wyoming as Kelda was entering middle school, Inger 3rd grade and Benjamin 1st grade. This was sad as we were happy with the Colorado school system, but at the time Carl had still been having issues with his knee and we were dependant upon my income primarily still so being more financially we decided to accept the move. At the time this felt to be the WORST move of our lives but hindsight it has led us to where we are now and we are happy. Kids HATED school and this was such a change. Kelda was constantly bringing home Ds and Fs and the teachers were constantly calling for conferences Benjamins teacher was telling us he wasn't good enough for her class. That he wasn't ready for Kindergarten let alone 1st grade (he passed K with flying colors in Colorado). Inger was ok with her teacher whom was an old classmate of mine in middle/highschool. Inger thought it was cool to have a teacher I knew from my childhood.

For many reasons I ended up leaving my job and after fighting constantly with the school on behalf of Kelda who's eczema at this point had flared so bad she was bleeding pretty badly due to stress. Benjamin cried just to leave for the school bus because his teacher didn't like him so he didn't like her. This led me to pulling the kids over the winter break and homeschooling those 2, but Inger felt left out so asked to be homeschooled as well. We ended up moving back to Colorado, I started my own business and put the kids back in school. They were happy again.

My mom was in a pretty serious car accident over the summer so I asked my husband if he would be offended to be closer in the event we were needed. We job searched and he found a job in Bozeman this put us 5 hrs away rather than 12 hours away. he broke his ankle a couple weeks prior to moving day so we waited for healing to take place and once released from dr. we left. Savings not what they should have been but made the move to Montana anyhow.

We camped at first for 6 weeks while we house searched and saved money. kids started school and this lasted 3 weeks. Kids were coming home crying daily from the outrageous homework load including weekends!!! Kelda was constantly challenging her teacher and getting into trouble for it. But when you get an F on a hypothesis I guess she had the right to challenge and she was in the right. She pulled out the dictionary and quoted from it and said I suppose you will try and rewrite history as well. We called a conference for all concerned and thought things were worked out when the very next day Kelda had detention. Carl went in and said NO MORE they would do well learning a few things from Colorado. They were trying to make an honor roll student into a bad student and it wasn't happening with our child when we knew what she was capable of. Inger was bringing home rediculous amounts of homework home for a 4th grader. Benjamin wasn't having issues but they weren't willing to alter education for his needs because we wouldn't get an official diagnosis for his Aspergers Syndrome. So no IEP like in Colorado, special help from the counselor etc and he wasn't doing as well as we would expect.

Soooo here we go again we are homeschooling. Carl is much more relaxed not as strict that there has to be a schedule or that they all have to do the same style learning etc. Some think this is harder on me but really it isn't...it is sooooo much easier. Kelda is 8th grade this year, Inger 5th and Benjamin 2nd/3rd. Kelda does the Learning 2000 computer school system, library, and whatever I come up with for her, Inger we tried computer based for her last year and she wasn't happy and has said she would like books again so that is what she is doing this year. Benjamin is very much unschooled and where even I had some doubts it is working for him quiet well. He has no strict schedule, what strikes him as interesting is looked into. He has struggled in reading and this summer he has really taken off and is reading everything in site!! My fears of unschooling has been seriously laid to rest now it is just coming up with enough to keep his never shutting down brain with something to do.

Carl had a near stress related heart attack this summer and after everything we decided what if someday never arrives??? Someday we will travel, someday we will do this, go there do that etc. Kids are all older now so traveling won't be as difficult with 3 kids. I was totally inspired for something like this years ago when the tv series Promised Land was on but Carl said absolutely not with a 3 yr old and baby #2 about to make her arrival. We already homeschool, had a camper though needed an upgrade which is what we just did this past week after living in it most of the summer to save money. So now you have an overview of what led us to where we are though not all details so not to totally bore the readers.

The kids sat down last month and came up with Howls Moving Castle Roadschool since that is their newest fav movie they felt it was fitting. It was a mutual between all kids so can't complain about that!! Will be posting about our RV adventures which won't happen too much until spring when the RV is paid off but I will be posting details as I research further. I have been researching for a couple of years to be prepared somewhat for if that day ever came we would go RVing, but researching and doing are totally different. You only learn so much reading, but physically doing is soooo much more real and brings education to life for the kids as well.

Along the way, we will be visiting many historical sites, landmarks, museums, state capitals (currently stationed in Helena MT for the winter), and whatever strikes us along the way. No longer just photos in a textbook, but a hands on experience, interaction with society of ALL ages. So join us as we take home-schooling on the Road thus the name ROADschooling.

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