Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rather than scheduling lessons, plan on taking advantage of your environment

For example:

  • When you are at a bookstore plan on spending your time researching go thru the store and read what captures the eye, try a few problems from some math books (bring paper), read some fact books, read together, do travel research, grab the latest history book, read biographies, find out how to . . . or play chess.
  • Time to do laundry at the since we live in our RV.... laundromat ? Then it is time to juggle or plug in the computers, bring along a book to read or tackle a writing assignment.
  • At the campground? Study nature, take a hike, if you have them...get out the bicycles, go to the playground, find other kids to play with, do a science experiment, enjoy the out doors and read.
  • Use drive time to take advantage of your captive audience. Listen to books or studies on CD, practice math problems, tell stories about what you see, learn to use a GPS and map on the fly, plug the laptop into to the inverter and get some work done.
I came across this and edited it a bit but forget which link I saw it on. Very good advice overall and so much more ideas are to be had.

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