Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Space Savers

Refrigerator space is at a premium I am discovering in an RV. In fact anything you can do to condense your storage will help. I found this cool nifty egg holder from Coleman at Walmart for less than $3. Not only is this probably safer for while mobile but wonderful at saving space and they don't get broken! I found 12 holder and a 6 holder. I figured most chances when I need eggs I am already going to use the first 6 out of an 18 pack so 12 is plenty.

In our RV we have 2 spots for small tv's. We already have a 20" flat screen so what we did for now is we are leaving the existing tv/vcr combo in the main living area. The area for the tv in the bedroom we turned into my little corner of the world for printer, supplies and mounted the flat screen on the wall next to it under another cabinet which is where we place the movies.

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