Wednesday, September 10, 2008


ARGH!! Wouldn't matter if we were in a stick built home or the RV they would be stuck inside due to weather. But they are driving me CRAZY today. Doesn't help they have been inside due to there is a tenter here that I really am not trusting and neither does Paige so I won't let them go out and play alone. Today is payday so hopefully we get paid early enough for me to go to Bozeman, we can go to the mall, get bills paid and just simply put get out of here for a bit before we kill each other.

Something I noticed thinking back even when we lived in a stick built home the kids were ALWAYS in the living, kitchen areas of the house or outside playing. They never spent time in their rooms no matter what I tried, or how cute I made them they didn't like being in their rooms they wanted to be out with me and Carl so moving into the RV has been no real adjustment other than downsizing from junk we really didn't need in the first place.

Ok off to regroup the kids into their reading assignments for the day so maybe they will quit nitpicking at each other.

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