Thursday, September 30, 2010

Last Day of September

Tomorrow we welcome October aside from increased body aches that I know lie ahead of me and have already began with cooler temps I LOVE this time of year.  Currently having quiet the nice Indian Summer. The trees are absolutely gorgeous right now here in Montana.  All shades of gold and even some red here and there.  I had to squeeze in one more post this month.  I feel like I am slacking and really maybe if I blogged a bit more I could relieve some of the stress.

Rusty turns 15 weeks old tomorrow.  He really looks up to his mother and she is amazing with him.  There may be a guy interested in him here in a couple weeks as well as a pup on the next breeding.  That would make a waiting list of 4 possibly 5 already.  For now he remains a part of our lives for me his face and eyes remind me of Pris his grandmother and he looks at Carl with that same loving/trusted look she did.

Update for Carl:

Aside from herbs after finding a dr. we both felt comfortable with at the Frontier Cancer Center in Billings.  He went in last week for his scan so the team can do their thing on the mapping.  Well after not hearing back from them we feared we had hit another round like we got from the other cancer clinic here that never returned our phone calls after numerous messages and waiting weeks for an answer.  Turns out no they had a flooding after the scanning.  They are actively working on that now and hope to have things ready by Monday!  For me it is all this anticipation and fear of the what ifs and unknowns.  Like life is on hold until things get started.  Then all the delays get me second guessing our decision and I begin to wonder is he only doing radiation to appease me and other family/friends or is this truly what he wants and is feeling comfortable with.  I agree w/him in such a gray area chemo is too much risk.  With the herbs he is doing they will help highlight the cancer cells for the radiation to pick up better.  We are also looking into a product called ASEA that helps repair cells.  I know no matter what happens it was meant to be for better or worse.  We just have to say thank you and keep moving on.  Something better or the new path that is to be is on the way.  The cancer center here has been very helpful in helping lead us to where we may could get help financially including finding out the KOA is a huge supporter for cancer.  So waiting for approval for a spot.  In the meantime was nice to find out one of the hospitals here has RV electric sites while you are doing treatments.  No water/sewer but fortunately there is a gas station across the way...oh and did I mention I have wifi :p and a coffee shop across the street (now only if I had money to enjoy that luxury life would be totally grand)

Campfire lesson

GORGEOUS sunsets we were able to be out and enjoy

Look at that amazing first fire the kids got going!!  
WTG guys was definitely no freezing that night

We have had a summer of camping, time with friends we haven't seen in ages, making new ones, weddings, lots of stress, some fun times too and those I try to capture behind my lens.  I will say the reason I have always loved photography was to capture the moments and help time stand still if only for a minute.  I am grateful for the few photos I have of my dad.  I want to make sure our kids have memories to look back on that they can be cherished.

 Fall photos for this year
Benjamin did an amazing job he took the photo of Carl and I 
and even snuck in one of just his dad:)

Well see you in October sometime.  I am gearing up advertising for business towards the end of the month/early November.  Wish me luck...I am very excited.


Sassy Pants Freckle Face said...

*** TEARS ***

My heart is with you friend

The Bipolar Diva said...

I'm here from Sassy's page. I'm so sorry. I hope you get answers soon.


Renee said...

Many thanks Teri. I think maybe a bit of stress will be relieved when I finally feel life is going forward again. hoping for this next week:)

MommaLion4 said...

I found you through Sassy Pants..wishing you lots of hope and answers. Angi

Ami said...

I wish you lived closer, I would love to have you take pictures of my daughter... it would be her senior year of high school if I were to have sent her there... and you do beautiful work.

Continuing to send good thoughts your way and for your hubby, too.

Gucci Mama said...

((Renee)) Much love to you.