Sunday, June 20, 2010

Billings MT Tornado

use to be the main street casino

WOW such excitement here in Montana today.  Tornados strike Billings mostly the Heights area.  Here is a video where the roof was ripped from the big arena there where all the big rodeos, concerts and such are held. there is language on here local news report

glass company

We were suppose to be in Billings today as Carl has his 2nd opinion dr.s appt tomorrow.  Thank goodness for Paige going into labor and having her babies.  We have a friend right in the area that was hardest hit that we were going to visit while over that direction.

size of hail

I know for those that live in areas this is nothing but for us here in Montana...WOW..HOLY SH*T etc come to mind.  Here are some photos of the area hardest hit.  They had some serious flooding, demolished business' and even Metra Park I think was hardest hit.  That is where EVERYTHING is held literally from baseball games, concerts, rodeo etc the list is long.  You can see photos and the videos above.

from a distance

so much damage

the metra

a guy took this from his backyard then ran to his basement

I remember a tornado warning that sent us to a basement of a church in Laurel MT when I was in 8th grade.  We were on a field trip to Custers Battlefield and were on the way home.  Ms. Kidneigh our English teacher had grown up in Kansas and kept saying she didn't like the looks of the clouds.  Didn't think it was possible but felt it was...and indeed it was tornado.  I don't recall as to if it touched down or not...if it did didn't do the damage this one has done today.  

Kelda is upset we weren't in Billings she so wants to be up close and personal with storms. So just for the record I don't want her living in the south where the constant big storms like this are I have a feeling she is going to be a storm chaser at min a meteorologist.  Which I suppose could be exciting but that is my daughter lol.  I have to say however I would be something like that of the guy that took a shot and ran but in the heat of the moment...wonder would I actually stop and run or keep shooting??  Amazed no injuries or deaths were reported.  I have seen photos of friends cars that were badly damaged from the hail from big dents to cracked windshields.  I can only imagine the insurance claims that will come flooding thru.

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Ami said...

Okay, that's scary.
So glad you weren't there!!!