Monday, October 5, 2009

SNOW in October!!

Snow on the truck

And this fine snowy morning as I look out across the hotel yard the sprinklers are going off! Yes I said hotel! Around 11 last night there was a loud pop- electricity went out then came back on briefly and went out again leaving us only with our battery back up which when you must run the furnace doesn't last long plenty of propane though! So around 1 ish a.m. I packed up the kids in the truck and headed to a hotel not far from the shop. Microtel here is a nice hotel if ever in need of one in the Bozeman area and on a budget they are cheaper than most in town has swimming and I suppose what can pass as breakfast. Otherwise the Wingate is an AWESOME place with a hot breakfast, super comfy pillowtop mattress', swimming pool and gym:0) Will head home here soon to see if there is power yet hoping so. If not we got things to do to prep for vacation anyhow...not that driving on the roads is on my top list of things at the moment but will beat staying home w/o heat. Of course wifi and cable tv at both.

Anyhow other news waiting to hear how Carl is he fell early this morning flat on his back when doing a winchout up on Bozeman pass. He sounded in pain but he is notorious for pushing and going on. We are a week away from vacation...not even a week -5 days actually Saturday is 2 weeks of NO work for he or I.

Business for me has picked up considerably this past couple of weeks and has been nice. November 1st in Billings I am doing an all day photoshoot. 4 slots are taken be sure to contact me if you are interested in a shoot otherwise show up at Castlerock Park in the Heights area on Wicks. $75 for a disk of photos with copyrights to print off what you need. If you want me to print off it will be $10 per 8x10 size sheet. More details on this to come on my Business blog soon.

SO first on our list next to winterizing since winter is apparently upon us is a generator. Was already on the list of things to do after RV was paid off and has moved to top of the list. If you know of a good deal would love to hear about it. Looking for an Onan specifically as they are rated highly recommended.

Kids are all doing well and busy as ever. Kelda is finishing up a report on WWII, Inger is reading on dinosaurs, Benjamin is working on times tables...yeah not fun...he is finally understanding subtraction. Did I blog yet music to this moms ears... he purchased something for $1 he had a $5 bill and informed the cashier as he handed her the item and money that this is only $1 here is $5 so that means I get $4 back and said it with this big grin as he worked it all out prior to getting to the register. Very proud mom moment;0)

Ok time to go baby my poor hubby whom has always had a strong back and is in lots of pain from this fall and soaking in the tub. And get ready to head to the Chiro for the kids, me and now him too.

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VM Sehy Photography said...

Hope your hubby is OK. My whole family, except me - crossing fingers, has thrown out their backs. Not fun.