Sunday, October 18, 2009

Much of Nothing Vacation

Well I won't say nothing we have been busy at partially relaxing.  With the RV paid now we decided to splurge a little on things for the past year we haven't had any part of you know BIG homecooked meals NOT containing bleck- noodles, eating out a little more, a more laid back attitude in things, got my hair done, a new outfit for me and the kids.  This was a temp thing of course tight budget will still happen as I am simply cheap.  I want my cake and eat it too but the cheap part of me still searches for the best bargain to get what I want.

Ingers definition of every childs dream sundae

So far we have visited with my mom had a nice 3 hour lunch, went and spent a couple days at one of my sis', flushed the hotwater tank....let me tell you not a fun or pretty job...bleck.  Not sure when the last time it was flushed to be honest with you, got the hose heat taped for winter this will remain our winter one rather than doing it and undoing the hose ever summer and winter.  One of the joys of the RV being paid off we could afford to do this now:0)  We will skirt as soon as we find out the official rules at this park too many varying stories going on even from what the manager says one day to the next but yet still nothing in writing.  Come spring we will take the RV to SLC Utah and get a nice skirt fitted for it. 

With Carl injuring his back prior to vacation we have decided to just keep things low key.  I ended up with a wedding the last weekend of his vacation anyhow so it would have been cut short... but then had we been gone I wouldn't have known about so everything works out as it does for a reason.  We have taken little walks which he can handle so far I am the worry wart that he will over do things and not say a word because ya know he's da man and all... lol no just kidding but he will try and hide any minor pains until they are too much to bare then say something to me.  He has enjoyed being able to actually learn more about our RV and the more we have looked at others there are a few things we wish we had for ours but really ours for the age was beyond its time and we have a lot of what some of the newer ones have such as oak cabinets, corian counter tops etc so I am still content esp since it is P-A-I-D!!  We will save and if there is one that is upgraded a bit more such as built in bunkbeds like we saw today in one....ah what I wouldn't kill for that one section of the RV as the room closes off like their own bedroom.  Funny thing it isn't much bigger than ours something like 1/2 foot longer thats it.

Benjamin helping drain and clean the hotwater heater

No schedule this week it comes and goes as it pleases what happens happens.  I have learned my husband just doesn't understand VACATION but he is learning to chill out a little.... very little but for me noticeable.  He has decided I think to take 2 days a week off now so we will see if he can do it once he starts getting back into the swing of things.  He has actually enjoyed helping with the little things around the rv and getting things prepped for winter something he didn't help with last year and was too uptight and  caught up in paying it off to really stop.

Lets see oh our one really sad thing is our cat had to find a new home turns out Chip our pomchi pup is asthmatically allergic.  I laughed and jokingly said what if she was- well as it turns out it does and in our case has happened.  We think there is another trigger for her asthma so trying to figure that out but most of her episodes have now slowed way down since deep cleaning which we are still doing but she is feeling some relief at least.

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