Monday, October 5, 2009

All sorts of crazy 24 hrs

Wow today was NUTS!! Started yesterday when I couldnt any longer find the right chilibeans in this town! Then I noticed the snow falling~ from there escalated into crazy calls for Carl for his work. He got to the first call and they cancelled and left then got called to a fatality scene, during that call all power went out! We survived a short while on battery backup. He later got called to a winchout that resulted in him falling flat on his back. Took him to our awesome family chiropractor and he has a bulging disk in his lower L4 area. Had an adjustment and x-rays done.

The photo is Ingers quick and to the point snowman to lighten the hectic day.

I met with a couple of satisfied customers got their orders. Electric went out again for 1 1/2 hrs, got laundry done during the craziness, chili sucks and Chip tops the night with chewing and swallowing a cat toy and wheezing/puking til things came out!

So here is hoping to an uneventful rest of the night!

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