Monday, June 1, 2009

My Perspective

You know before we started fulltime RVing life was a daily struggle and finally with job transfers and shifting of houses 4 times in 1 year sent things overboard. Finally I said you know we could sell the big and the like so mice or what have ya don't enjoy our items of value and there is a truck camper out back only used a handful of times..why don't we load it up and stay in it until we figure out if this one is permn...well turns out it wasn' It led to the thoughts of a larger RV however ...where an inbed camper is bigger than I had ever realized before getting one trying to cram a family of 5, 2 dogs and 2 cats was crazy but we did it for 2 months. Fortunately summertime was upon us and it didn't matter as we were only there to lay our heads on pillows. People laughed and joked that it was like the Shriners act where there was all these people coming out of the little bitty car and left people wondering how did they all fit. Honestly there was room for weekend get aways but not for us and all our belongings we each felt necessary. So when someone says isn't your RV a little small for 5 of you...I simply respond nope this one is perfect. Small enough to still get into most rv parks yet large enough for all of us. We finally took matters into our own hands for everything that life was throwing at us and EVERYTHING has fallen into place with a few bumps along the way and now we are nearly there. 1 more payment and I will start playing Clint Black's song of One more payment and then it's mine!!! Took us an extra month than we wanted but that is ok we stayed focused even though it got tough a couple months KNOWING there was indeed light at the end of this tunnel and our goals are nearly accomplished.

Life is all perspective and how you handle it...well that is each to their own story. No matter what life throws your way wouldn't it be better to be proactive and able to enjoy life.

BELIEVE me life has thrown us some bad curve balls the past 3 yrs back to back with little breathing room let alone recouperation times. It took a mindset change to say screw this ...THIS is what I want this is how I see to get there!!! Put it into action and give it a shot. When we set out looking for a larger RV-I found an old 70's model, paid it in full up front only to discover it was going to be hard once we left our current rv park to stay extended times if we should want...hubbys thoughts were he wanted an Avion 5th wheel...having looked at prices for even a 90's model...near $15,000 I said initially there is NO WAY! I fully was going to settle and accept the old 5ver treasure I found for only $500 for the winter, save up all winter and see what we could find come spring. Then I changed my tune and we focused and one day when making a payment on a bill not but a month later...this lady and I were chatting and it came out that her brother happened to have an Avion 5ver in the 90's he would sell to us on payments!! Seriously? No banks necessary? After all the banks started crashing we closed all our accounts. Sweet where I didn't want payments yet we hadn't enough saved up for something nice and this one was awesome and a sweet deal to boot. We looked at it and made the deal and took it home 2 weeks later and made it home. Then hubby said he wanted a crew cab dually. Now I was really laughing and said whatever but again knowing what had happened on the RV I stayed focused, positive and open minded and in late March that found its way to us as well. It is paid in full, permnant license plates on it an everything.

I look at this last 3 years and it was ever changing and towards the end less hectic than when we were allowing life to throw all its curveballs at us, get pissy and go with the flow mumbling under our breaths all the while. NOW we focus on what it is WE want and we figure out a way to make it happen and deal with those stinking curveys as they come. We no longer let them bog us down. You have to change your tune and just make what you want happen....happen:0)

I personally before never dreamt we would be living the dream of traveling...I figured that might come after the kids left home all the while when they grew up struggling paycheck to paycheck and never quiet make ends I can say yes we made it happen and our kids will finally get to go places other than the high mountain for camping. though that is nice as well and really the kids still prefer that to some options so it isn't all bad they didn't always get to have certain vacation luxeries. They finally get the voice lessons, gymnastics, swimming, art lessons, you name it they can finally do it w/o us worrying can we afford it?! It is all perspective and how you look at life...

I now look at all the bumps in the road as preparing us for the hard times that are falling upon people now with the foreclosures, bankruptcies, repos of vehicles, lack of jobs, and well you know the list continues. While many that were use to luxury are struggling for the first time in years we are able to breathe. No longer other than this RV accepting things on payments, basically if we don't have the money we don't need it all that bad. Another sweet deal will come along when the time is right.

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VM Sehy Photography said...

Good for you guys! My father-in-law is Hindu and will meditate on what he wants. He got a truck that way, so I can definitely relate to what you are saying. I also believe that the attitude has to stay positive and not get bogged down from all the curves life throws your way.