Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hwys and interstates

If blue highways have three numbers, what are the red highways people talk about? What color are the interstates then?

A couple responses received:

Well, we're talking about colors used on maps a few years ago. After a lot of stop and go tries, they finally settled on blue for interstates with green for those with tolls. Red is for primary state and US paved roads while other paved roads might be that color. State markers are oval and US highways in a shield. Then paved county and other roads are gray while all-weather roads are dashed.
The Blue Highways used in the title of a book by the same name referred to secondary state and county roads which were shown as blue on maps some 40 years ago.

not all blue highways have 3 numbers...usually just the spurs do.

Explanation regarding highways:

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