Thursday, May 28, 2009


On an email yahoo group I am with there has been important discussions taking place about tires. It is soooo important for good tires I felt I should get that information on here before something tragic happens. Everyone will have their own opinions as to how old is too old whether it be some magic number or when the tire shows evident signs of wearing, I am just asking everyone be safe and go on the side of caution.

First great hint: Learn
how to read the age of a tire! Find
the 4-number code stamped into an
oval on the sidewall - the first two
numbers refer to a week of the 52 in
a year and the second two are the
final digits of that particular
year. EXAMPLE 3603 - the 36th
week of 2003. So say your dealer put
these on a year ago they put on 5 year-old tires (with
plenty of nice tread left) and
referred to them as "slightly used." DON'T let this happen
to you a potential blow out is awaiting.

The second piece of advice to
follow: make sure you let a tire
dealer know you want fresh tires
when you buy, and check out the date
code before they're put on your vehicle.
It's your money and safety of your family
and everyone around you on the road at risk
don't be afraid to walk away and say no when they
want to put tires on that are old.

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