Thursday, April 9, 2009

Park Day

Ok enough traveling back and forth to Bzmn! Sun is out again so off we went with this last minute bright idea of a picnic at the park:0) I think the photos will speak for themselves;0) We had a blast and they ran off some energy! Paige was a pita I need to get her out more as all she does is bark at people. She has always done this though even when she was being very socialized and really the main reason I quit taking her near people as the one thing I can't stand is a barky dog! Bark when there is a reason otherwise I don't want to know you have a anyhow we had fun now working on what to do with our last full day in Helena beside finish packing up dishes and such so they don't get broke in the move.

Look at what fun this park was!! Just so much to soak in. DEFINITELY one of the better parks I have seen in a long time. Helena really put time into this one is all I got to say and really wanted some place for all to enjoy and better yet right next to the town swimming pool...of which they are doing construction and working on the slides right now.

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Sassy Pants Freckle Face said...

wow that park rocks!! ROCKS!!