Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mall Egg Hunts

Well they SUCK! About as much as TT at Halloween does only in top speed. We got there 5 mins early came in the wrong door apparently as there was no info there. Get to the proper location passing a spot where there was a room full of eggs all over the floor, but also saw people further down all crowded around so we thought we best make sure on ages for the 2 spots as there is no sign. Find out we were in the correct spot so head back (this mall is literally you can see one end to the other..only taking 10 mins to see all available kids don't like this mall, but then are use to a good sized 3-4 hrs easily in Colorado)

Anyhow in that time we got back there at 11:02 and the eggs were done! Seriously in 2 minutes flat no eggs left, but they were handing out candy to all the kids that didn't make it. They told the kids a couple pieces of candy each so there was enough to go around. Benjamin felt it was only fair to take a handful since he didn't get any Inger later told him they said 2 pieces he said yeah that was for those that got eggs....Hey sounds good to me. But I got a quick not great shot but not terrible shot of the younger ones with Mr(s). Bunny. Ok so he looks too scary and tall for really little kids and kinda stoned but yeah whatever the kids appeased me stood there for a quick photo and off we went.

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Sassy Pants Freckle Face said...

that is the kind of bunny that would scare the poo out of me if it were leaving me a treat, ACK,..RUN~~~ MAd Bunny On The Loose!!!!