Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just Busy

We have just been busy and I haven't really been updating my blog. I have new photos to post from Easter Sunday, Benjamin's birthday and the like and I will probably collage them soon.

I have a dear friend that has been thru well not sure where what really but anything she could do wrong has gone wrong! I have been trying to help her where I could, got moved to Bozeman, hikes with the kids and dog, typical errands stuff of life, Shelter this week, meeting new people, homeschoolers, working on planning our next trip to hmmm I don't know...probably Idaho, then Wyoming and by June Tennessee maybe or this trip may well wait until fall shall see, I know early July Wyoming as my brother is getting married. I have tons of political news to report, but really maybe I should start a whole new blog on politics as I hate when my personal family blog gets bogged down with political mess, but sometimes I just feel the need to let it all out in how I feel, or to report things I feel is necessary to be heard. Something to ponder I guess for another day.

Yesterday made jelly...ever used juice to make jelly? VERY simple!! Today made muffins from scratch for breakfast and made yummy butter. Dinners menu is baked tacos:0) But for now I think a nap is in order as the phone was ringing nonstop all night as apparently people had many car issues last night:0/ Some days I can't wait until Carl leaves this job overall not bad employers but I know he isn't happy and will only be when he returns to working with horses. I am being patient as I know first things first securing our finances a bit before leaving a secure job.

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