Thursday, February 12, 2009


TRAVELLING WITH PETS – KOA shared these tips in a Google RV Alert – 

  • Ask if the RV Park allows pets on the premises.
  • Ask about park's pet rules such as use of pet-pens; or size/breed restrictions; or if # of pets is limited.
  • Never lock pets inside an RV without the A/C running or proper ventilation. John and I prefer to use several fans working off our inverter rather than A/C – just in case park power goes out.
  • Provide pet with plenty of water. Ours are in their ‘house’ (a cage) when we are gone.
    Never tie a pet to an RV with a metal chain. A power surge or improperly grounded facilities can travel along the chain and injure or kill the pet.
  • Check type of metal steps on the RV. Small holes in steps may allow claws to become stuck and cause injury when pets try to free their foot. You may have to cover with carpet for protection.

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