Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Safe Side

I read this on a friends blog and felt it was worth passing on:

Lets be serious for a moment shall we
I am not really the serious type
but it is time.
Have you ever watched What Would You do?
Well here is something you need to watch
This shook me to my core
Not because of the predators
but because most children that are abducted
are abducted by someone who they know or know of,.
So I have found a solution
I have actually had this program per say implemented into our home for about 6 months now
and I have to say
it was tough for me to watch
it was even harder to think the world has come to this.
The Most importantt thing is
giving our children the right information that could save their life!
This solution of mine is called
The Safe Side
One of the most important things you can do to protect your children is to talk with them about potentially dangerous situations. This Emmy Award-winning DVD can help. It keeps kids engaged while introducing them to seven easy-to-remember “Hot Tips.” Hosted by “Safe Side Superchick,” and featuring a cameo by John Walsh, the program is fun to watch and never scary.

Moms and who ever might read my sassy lil' blog
Please pass this on to all you know
Because I feel now that I have empowered my children
So that they know who their safe side adults are and that don't knows and kinda knows

The tips in this DVD have made me understand what I need to do to make sure my kids are always on the safe side

How about you?

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