Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Truck

We FINALLY found a truck to haul the RV that meets most of our desires, wants and needs:0)

We will go pick it up next week sometime.  It is a 1986 Ford 3/4 Ton truck with one ton axles 6.9L Diesel.  We are very pleased and can't wait to go get it.  Gotta wait for Carls day off.  We would have preferred a 7.3L dually and crew but this comes very close to what we wanted.  will post better photos than cellphone photo later when we polish her all up.  

BTW my husband is putting that this is his truck...haha we shall see;0)  I have my plates trimmer that says silly cowboy trucks are for cowgirls that is waiting to go onto the We are still looking for another truck and selling our 2001 Neon,  34mpg, engine is a newer engine approx. 20,000 miles on it for $3500 or will trade if you have a Ford in the lines we are looking for.

I do have a 1983 Ford f250 302 engine, in running condition that needs some tune up work, has new front breaks, pads and rotors, built in radar detector, cb with dual antennas, trailer break, good cd stereo with mp3 capable, full bed with cap, extended cab,  that we are willing to trade for a working generator with a minimum of 3000 watts.  

I said it before and I will say it again I am willing to barter anytime.  I don't care about the money if you have something I need and I have something you could use lets make a deal:0)  If you need photos done don't be afraid to see if you have something I need and will trade my talents for what ya have to offer;0)

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