Friday, January 9, 2009

More on Lead Testing

Here's a link to an article from the LA Times on this topic. It appears that thrift stores are safe now, but small-scale producers of children's products are still unsure of what the regulations will mean for them.

And a press release:

So if you'd like to support cottage industries who potentially face huge fees for product testing, please make comments to one of these sites.

This question along with a whole post on before we get set off on this new law to think about the symptoms of Lead poisoning anyhow here is the one line that set me off because it was said so therefore HELLLLLLOOOOO wake up:

"Hasn't it been illegal to sell children's toys containing some level of lead since the 70's?"

EXACTLY there is already a law why not enforce it. We dont' need new laws simply enforce the ones already on the books. WHY go and write another law that sounds as if they are taking everything away??? Nothing grandfathered in, nothing specified left very open that everyone is left scrounging around looking for a lawyer to get these things clarified to find out if they still are in business after Feb. 10th....only for them to end up rewriting the law before it is official and turns out to be basically what is already on the books.

I got one about we just go back to making things in America....did they ever stop to think about the Amish who make everything for themselves and their children?? No of course not because they don't care about what is not mainstream. My poor kids aren't allowed to spend their money on anything if it isn't made in the USA which really hurts because there is so much they want but can't have because it isn't made here. I am not going to support some other country sorry just not happening when we have millions more now than before out of jobs. The amount is growing all the time of what is not made here.

I am sorry but I think the borders need to be shut down, I think we need to provide for ourselves we have everything we need right here and we probably wouldn't be in near the debt if Americans weren't so damn lazy!!! The GOVERNMENT has made a lazy society which is exactly what they want they want us dependent on them and it isn't happening in this house. I NEEDED their help a few years ago...I had been a fulltime sahm for 8 yrs at that point and my husband was injured to the point he was out of work for 4 months. All because his work comp check was over the limit by $1 ONE we were denied assistance. As I was leaving there was a mexican that came in driving a brand new suv just off the lot and he was on assistance you tell me the government cares about those that have lived here all their lives and pay into the system, do everything they don't. I learned to survive, I overcame....they can kiss my @$$ I don't and won't take their help now....I KNOW I can do it and for that I suppose I can thank them that they didn't add me and my family to their lazy clan.

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