Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Imbolc Day 6

Get Ready for Imbolc!

Day 6: Crafts and Creations

Patti Wigington from Patti Wigington
If you're like most Pagans and Wiccans, you probably enjoy decorating your home and altar for the Sabbats. Because it's hard to find Pagan holiday decorations most times of the year, sometimes it's just better to make your own. At Imbolc, we're looking at the end of winter, and honoring the goddess Brighid. By combining these two aspects of the season, we can put together some simple yet decorative goodies to adorn our hearth and home.

Make a Brighid's Cross

A Brighid's Cross can be purchased in many Irish craft shopes or at festivals, but it's actually pretty easy to make your own. You can incorporate the creation of your Brighid's Cross into your Imbolc rituals, use it as a meditative exercise, or just put one together with your kids as a fun craft activity...Read More

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