Saturday, January 31, 2009

Flying J restructuring not closing:0)

FLYING J RESTRUCTURING Last week It was reported that – “many have read info about Flying J being in Chapter 11. I’m happy to relay that Flying J Truckstops are NOT closing”. Full story link explains that Flying J's will REMAIN OPEN AND CONDUCT BUSINESS as usual during the restructuring of their parent companies. Read story HERE...

John H recently sent this update – It’s true that Flying J may not be going out of business, but for the last few months it seems like the gas stations are on a suicide mission. John has been up and down I-75 (Ontario to Florida) three times this winter – he was disappointed to find that the FLYING J GAS PRICES were almost always higher than the competition several exits away. Besides that, their computers are 15 years old and he had to line up inside for a receipt. Here's a tip. On driving days if you'll be passing a Flying J, check prices HERE – FLYING J LISTS IT'S GAS, PROPANE AND DIESEL PRICES FOR ALL STATIONS. This way you can compare gas prices as you head down the interstate. Loyalty has its price – the lowest price!

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