Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dynamite Dads

Carl use to take the kids to this but now his schedule doesn't allow this time, but thought I would post it for others. Their fav I think was the bat exhibit!

Dynamite Dads in Bozeman

The Parent Place

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Dynamite Dads January 2009
January-Febuary 2009
Dynamite Dads
Is a chance for dad, uncle, grandfather or any male to spend time with their child/children while participating in a planned activity and enjoying dinner. Please call 587-3840 to register or click here! to register on line.

January 21st, 6-8 pm Ice skating at Southside Park 5th and College, in Bozeman. We will have a few skates available for loan: first come,first serve. Panda Sport on Rouse and Griffin has adult rentals. All are welcome to boot/shoe skate!

February 18th, 6-8 pm Snow Fort Building with MOSS at Beall Park Rec Center, Bozeman. Wear warm clothing to play outside. Dinner will be inside at the Rec Center.

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"Becoming a Love and Logic Parent"

This six week class will focus on early childhood(0-6 years of age) and will be in Belgrade, at Ridgeview Elementary School Tuesdays from 6-8pm beginning
January 27th - March 3rd. It costs $100 per person and $175 per couple. Call the Bozeman Parent Place to sign up at 587-4734 or click here to sign up on line. Limited childcare is available for a small fee, call to reserve a spot!
Dad's Corner For those of us lucky enough to have had fathers in our childhoods, we know the importance of all that fathers bring to the parenting table. On becoming a father myself, I pledged that I would be around for my kids more than my dad was for me, though he did a pretty good job.

My father wasn't particularly athletic and did not push me into sports. As my kids get older and have shown great interest (and prowess!) in sports, I wonder where it came from and what my involvement should be. Coaching? I don't know the first thing about soccer. However, it seems the real truth is that just being there - at the practices and games - demonstrates tremendous support. Showing our kids that we care enough to show up and be interested counts. And by being there, we should really be there. I see plenty of dads (and moms) on the sidelines using their cellphones and Blackberries trying to multi-task - a sign of our times, perhaps - but not necessarily a positive one. Kids model what they see us do.

Part of our responsibility as fathers seems to be setting a good example and giving our kids role models with whom to identify as they get older. All of us are far from perfect, so how do we walk our talk? Little things seem so important. If we ask our kids to wear bike helmets, than we should too. Why are we exempt? Same with seatbelts. Volunteer in our community and bring the kids to see what you do - or better yet, volunteer together! We must practice what we preach if we expect to see results.

Parenting is our most profound responsibility and it is the great equalizer. It doesn't matter our income, race or sexual orientation. As fathers we have the ability to open up a world for our children and give them better cards than we may have been dealt. Sometimes it seems overwhelming, but I know I could not ask for anything more rewarding. It's the reason Father's Day in our house is always celebrated with more gusto than my birthday.

Buck Taylor is the father of two: Ben, 8, and Kendall, 5. He lives in Bozeman.
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